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    Product name : Glitter Rope Material : Polyester Film, with or w/o cotton yarn, elastic tape etc. Inside Specification : 0.5mm to 4mm diameter; 8 ply, 12 ply,16 ply Feature : Eco-Friendly, High Tenacity, Waterproof, Low Shrinkage Color : Customized, tell us PMS codes or send us sample Logo and design : As Customer's requirement Use : widely used in knitting, garment, home textile, scarf, sewing, industrial use, bags, shoes etc. Regular packing : 500yard/roll; 20rolls in one bag or Customized...




    Composition: 100% polyester or nylon The length of single-sided feathers is 50px, 100px, 150px; the main colors are available from stock, and other colors can be customized. Packing: Packed in plastic woven bag, with product name, specification, weight, tank number, color number and color....




    There are some pet sequins average embed in polyester or rayon embroidery thread 120D/2,150D/2 or 1/5NM or 1/5.6NM or 1/7NM,that have high-tenacity,the sequins size like as 1mm,2mm,2.5mm,3mm,4mm,5mm and so on.The final effect is choppy shiny. USE: It is popular used in lady's garments and hometextile and also some hand knitting by your thinking.You can order the similar shape and kinds of colors....




    Knot yarn has different specification and series, usually its composition is polyester/acrylic/nylon and can be customized according to customer demand. Generally divided into three type: dyed knot yarn / colored knot yarn / gold knot yarn Features: It has greater extensibility, corrosion resistance, good coloring, clear and fine lines, perfect match between straightness and drape, cool, breathable, and very stable performance. Needle type and weaving method: 1 yarn knitting with 5 needles or 1 yarn plus 1 ultra-fine nylon silk with 7 needles; or 12-needle hollow weaving or single weaving, suitable for spring and summer clothing....




    One part is thick and next part is thin,that is a fancy thread seems our belly.It is popular used in lady's garments and hometextile and also some hand knitting by your thinking.You can order the similar shape and kinds of colors....




    JD BELT YARN is a fancy yarn crocheted from various raw materials, 2GG to 18GG needle-shaped crochet yarn, mainly flat ribbon yarn, hollow cylinder ribbon yarn, enema ribbon yarn, fancy effect ribbon yarn , Gold and silver ribbon yarn, elastic ribbon yarn and so on. The yarn is thick and full, with complete specifications and diverse styles....




    Orbital yarn, as the name implies, looks similar to orbital in shape. It is conventionally made of polyester, but it can also be a blend of acrylic, nylon or gold and silver silk. The JD track yarn series also includes different warps and weft etc. Through changes in composition and workmanship, orbital yarn with different styles and feels are presented....


  • JD-Loop-Yarn

    JD Loop Yarn

    The loop yarn is generally composed of three parts: core thread, pressure thread (sometimes called reinforcement thread), and decorative thread. Core yarns and pressure yarns are often made of wool spinning materials such as chemical fiber filaments or acrylic fibers for use....


  • Acrylic-yarn

    Acrylic yarn

    Acrylic yarn is a replica of natural cotton and wool yarn. Acrylic yarn is a synthetic fiber, formed of polymers created from petroleum products by melting and extruding the materials into long, thin fibers. The properties of acrylic yarn vary depending on the treatment of the fibers. Tightly twisting fibers results in a strong but rough textured yarn. A looser twist will result in a softer yarn. Acrylic yarns do not contain any natural animal hair (like sheep or camel) or cotton materials. Unlike other fibers, acrylic yarns are not spun. Instead, they are twisted together to form long lengths of material....


  • Chenille-yarn

    Chenille yarn

    Chenille yarn is a soft, fuzzy yarn just similar to the hairs of the caterpillar,and it is very soft and best suited for cozy textiles. Chenille yarn offers you a luxurious feel and also helps you achieve vibrant colors and deep shades.You can make chenille yarn by locating the two yarns of shorter lengths surrounding the dual yarn core. The thing you need to do is to twist the shorter lengths around the core. The resultant Yarn is known as chenille yarn....


  • DIY-core-rope

    DIY core rope

    Hand knitting, its artistic characteristics, also known as "expression techniques". However, knitting crafts have formed natural, simple, fresh and concise artistic features in terms of raw materials, colors, and weaving techniques....


  • Fake-fur-rope

    Fake fur rope

    Fake fur yarn is a subset of novelty yarns that are oh-so-soft to the touch. These synthetic fiber yarns mimic the appearance and feel of real fur without using any animal fibers. Use fake furs for snuggly baby projects, stuffed animals, or as a fun and funky trim to your next high couture piece!...


  • Spray-yarn

    Spray yarn

    It is also called air yarn. The yarn is injected into the structure fabric. The outside is covered with a net and the inside is full of disordered fibers. There is no twist in the yarn, and the outer reticular hollow structure of the belt yarn is made by knitting, with good longitudinal and transverse extension. It’s super light, soft, warm and skin-friendly....


  • Hemp-rope

    Hemp rope

    Hemp rope is an eco-friendly approach to rope making, as the entirety of the rope body is made from hemp fibres – a tough, versatile and fast-growing plant fibre found in the hemp plant. It’s a natural rope which is found to be more durable than other types of rope. Hemp is considered a carbon-negative crop, in that it sequesters more CO2 than it generates per harvest cycle. The hemp rope is super strong. People often use it for a range of purposes including climbing, rope swings, and shipping. The ropes can be used for a wide range of solutions and will stand the test of time....




    HAND-MADE FANCY YARN SERIES Hand knitting, its artistic characteristics, also known as "expression techniques". However, knitting crafts have formed natural, simple, fresh and concise artistic features in terms of raw materials, colors, and weaving techniques....




    Reflective thread is a kind of anti-light processed by a reflective material. The basic version is dark gray, silver white, and the other colors can be customized. The specification are 0.25mm / 0.3mm / 0.5mm / 1.0mm / 1.5mm,2.0mm,3.0mm etc.and the normal thickness 0.1mm....




    luminous yarn or fiber are a new functional and environmentally friendly material made of rare earth luminescent materials. As long as it absorbs all kinds of visible light for 10 minutes, it can store light energy in the fiber, continue to emit light for more than 10 hours in the dark state, and can be recycled indefinitely. When there is light, the luminous fiber shows various colors, such as red, yellow, green, blue, etc. When there is no light, the luminous fiber itself emits light of various colors, such as red light, yellow light, green light, blue light and so on....


  • Thermochromic-yarn

    Thermochromic yarn

    Thermochromic yarn is a kind of color that changes repeatedly with the temperature rising or falling. Commonly used color hanging temperature is 31 degrees and 33 degrees....




    Under the ultraviolet rays of the sun, the color changes after absorbing the ultraviolet rays of the sun. When it leaves the ultraviolet rays of the sun, the color changes back to the original color. The effect of the color change is related to the time of the sun exposure....




    Silver is a natural antimicrobial material in nature and a metal with very small resistance. Silver fibers made of pure silver have the functions of antimicrobial, conductive and radiation protection. It is widely used in textile and garment, medical treatment, intelligent wear and other industries. It is a new material with prospects for development in the international market....


  • Flame-Resistant-Yarns-ANTI-STATIC-YARN

    Flame Resistant Yarns & ANTI-STATIC YARN

    What is flame retardant yarn? Flame retardant yarn is a special fabric that can delay flame burning...


  • Sewing-hread

    Sewing thread

    Sewing thread is the thread required for knitted clothing products....


  • Embroidery-thread

    Embroidery thread

    Embroidery threads are made of high-quality natural fibers or chemical fibers by spinning....


  • JD-Table-Runner-CHIFFON

    JD-Table Runner-CHIFFON

    Table runner is a narrow length of cloth which is usually placed at the centre of the table as a decorative soft furnishing that goes well with decor....


  • Linen-Like-Yarn

    Linen-Like Yarn

    The flax fiber is the only fasciculate plant fiber in the natural fiber. It has a natural spindle-shaped structure and unique pectin inclined edge holes, and has the characteristics of excellent moisture absorption, air permeability, corrosion resistance, bacteriostasis, low static electricity. At normal temperature, the linen clothes can reduce the actual temperature of the human body by 4-5 ℃, so the linen is good at the reputation of natural air conditioning. And because the flax is a rare natural fiber and only accounts for 1.5 percent of the natural fiber, the price of the flax product is relatively expensive. Based on this, linen-like yarn appears....


Brand: JIN DUN

Item: Glitter rope

Composition: Polyester film, cotton yarn, elastic tape

Specification: Diameter, 0.5-4mm, 8ply, 12ply, 16ply

APPLICATION: In knitting, garment, home textile, scarf, sewing, bags, shoes etc

STOCK COLOR: 60; customized

PACKAGE: 500yard/roll, 20rolls/bag; customized