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JIN DUN TEXTILE belongs to JIN DUN GROUP, our main textile produce line is for metallic yarn, metallic fiber and fancy yarn. Also provide the garment accessories series and functional fabric professionally as well.

Our yarn manufacturing sites are main located in Zhejiang Provinces. We focus on quality control, innovation and staff training&development to meet the changing needs of the market. In JIN DUN Group Limited, the continued provision of services and value to domestic and international clients and markets through the import and export, and domestic sale of our valued products has placed us in a competitive platform in China.

With our valued experiences and knowledge in the industry we strongly believe that we will assure high standards of Quality, Service, Accuracy & Value.

For the fancy yarn area, we can produce hundreds of products, such as feather yarn, tape yarn, tubular yarn, loop yarn, toothbrush yarn, lantern yarn, sequin yarn, centipede yarn, covering yarn and twist crimped yarn etc. Our daily manufacturing capability has reached over 7T. Due to high quality and reasonable prices, our products enjoy a great popularity all over the world.

We always put R&D in a very important place and developed many up-to-date products. Except synthetic fibers, we also take some natural fibers into production, such as cotton, wool, silk and mohair. Because of the wide range and variability of fancy yarn, we can produce different forms,colors and styles of yarn based on different practices . These new products are mainly quality first, artistic and also without loss of practicality. Let the yarn reflect its essence of nature, create artistic beauty.